Alexandra Sjostrom

Alexandra Sjöström has a Swedish clinical/neuropsychology license, and is also is a chartered Occupational Psychologist with an experience of 12 years in the field of Psychology. Since her graduation in 2003 she has worked with leadership assessment and development, as well as neuropsychological assessment and training of patients with cognitive/memory problems and head traumas. She has conducted group training and research within the concept of Mindfulness and its benefits on overall physical and mental health. She is passionate about change, development and well-being, and believes that with the right mind-set everything is possible; you just need to learn the tools and be persistent.
As she puts it: “My commitment to Athoz stems from my deep embedded passion of being part of a mental health system that incorporates the spiritual, social, and behavioural components of mental health challenges. I stand by the vision of Athoz because it challenges outdated ideas, sees the issues holistically and puts its ideas into action by marshalling resources exactly where the field needs them.”
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Coming from Sweden and having worked in the sphere of psychology in different parts of the world Alexandra believes that human beings everywhere are the same. Athoz is intended to be a place where individuals are free to explore themselves in a non-demanding, non-judgmental atmosphere and examine their emotional needs and find solutions to their difficulties. Our team of psychotherapists here are compassionate facilitators of this process; she says.
Alexandra is the mother of three children, and over the years she has lived in Sweden, the UK, Australia, Dubai and now India. She spends her free time traveling and exploring, exercising, baking and cooking.
Qualification: M.Sc – Psychology – Uppsala University, Sweden
MS – Counselling and Psychotherapy – Cardiff University, UK