Arpitha Ravishankar

In Arpitha’s experience, family dynamics or relationships between modern – day couples are profoundly more complex in the Indian set up than in the West. “We are still battling to preserve our cultural heritage and differences in relationships, orientations and preferences are much more overwhelming”. Her therapeutic work is largely eclectic drawing from structural family therapy and experiential therapy. In her work with clients individually she employs cognitive behavior and dialectical behavior principles. More recently, she has begun to adopt acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness based approaches depending on the characteristics of the client and the problems they come with.
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For her, therapy is about creating a bond with that one person who is able to somehow understand and accept you for all that have been difficult. In her words : “I believe as Franz Alexander believed that therapy is a ‘corrective emotional experience’. It brings you in touch with what one is truly capable of once the haze has cleared. I have also worked with adolescents in life skills training as well as in issues of parenting, stress, relationships and depression. At a personal level, I believe in holistic, creative pursuits; in travel, music, food and art!

She aspires to work towards a better adjusted more loving and happy living lives and help people integrate their tougher transitions as a part of their natural experience. Its extremely rewarding to help create a stronger understanding between couples, or between parents and children. Their experiences are most enriching and unique.

Qualification: Master of Science degree in Psychology (Counseling),

Areas of expertise: Individual therapy, Couples therapy, parenting, trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, OCD and Interpersonal Issues.