Career Interest Evaluation


The career aptitude test can give you insight into your career personality and is based on a characterization of your personality in terms of Holland Code personality types & Big5 Ten Item Personality Measure.

Please answer the following questions based upon your interests and the tasks that you like to do:

1.Test the quality of parts before shipment.
2.Lay brick or tile
3.Work on an offshore oil-drilling rig
4.Assemble electronic parts
5.Operate a grinding machine in a factory
6.Fix a broken faucet
7.Assemble products in a factory
8.Install flooring in houses
9.Study the structure of the human body
10.Study animal behavior
11.Do research on plants or animals
12.Develop a new medical treatment or procedure
13.Conduct biological research
14.Study whales and other types of marine life
15.Work in a biology lab
16.Make a map of the bottom of an ocean
17.Conduct a musical choir
18.Direct a play
19.Design artwork for magazines
20.Write a song
21.Write books or plays
22.Play a musical instrument
23.Perform stunts for a movie or television show
24.Design sets for plays
25.Give career guidance to people
26.Do volunteer work at a non-profit organization
27.Help people who have problems with drugs or alcohol
28.Teach an individual an exercise routine
29.Help people with family-related problems
30.Supervise the activities of children at a camp
31.Teach children how to read
32.Help elderly people with their daily activities
33.Sell restaurant franchises to individuals
34.Sell merchandise at a department store
35.Manage the operations of a hotel
36.Operate a beauty salon or barber shop
37.Manage a department within a large company
38.Manage a clothing store
39.Sell houses
40.Run a toy store
41.Generate the monthly payroll checks for an office
42.Inventory supplies using a hand-held computer
43.Use a computer program to generate customer bills
44.Maintain employee records
45.Compute and record statistical and other numerical data
46.Operate a calculator
47.Handle customers’ bank transactions
48.Keep shipping and receiving records
49.I see myself as Extraverted, enthusiastic.
50.I see myself as Critical, quarrelsome.
51.I see myself as Dependable, self-disciplined.
52.I see myself as Anxious, easily upset.
53.I see myself as Open to new experiences, complex.
54.I see myself as Reserved, quiet.
55.I see myself as Sympathetic, warm.
56.I see myself as Disorganized, careless.
57.I see myself as Calm, emotionally stable.
58.I see myself as Conventional, uncreative.
59.Which of the following words are unknown to you:
60.Which of the following words are unknown to you:
61.I like to work on cars.
62.I like to do puzzles.
63.I am good at working independently.
64.I like to work in teams.
65.I am an ambitious person, I set goals for myself.
66.I like to organize things, (files, desks/offices)
67.I like to build things.
68.I like to read about art and music.
69.I like to have clear instructions to follow.
70.I like to try to influence or pursuade people.
71.I like to do experiments.
72.I like to teach or train people.
73.I like trying to help people solve their problems.
74.I like to take care of animals.
75.I wouldn’t mind working 8 hours per day in an office.
76.I like selling things.
77.I enjoy creative writing.
78.I enjoy science.
79.I am quick to take on new responsibilities.
80.I am interested in healing people.
81.I enjoy trying to figure out how things work.
82.I like putting things together or assembling things.
83.I am a creative person.
84.I pay attention to details.
85.I like to do filing or typing.
86.I like to analyze things (problems/situations).
87.I like to play instruments or sing.
88.I enjoy learning about other cultures.
89.I would like to start my own business.
90.I like to cook.
91.I like acting in plays.
92.I am a practical person.
93.I like working with numbers or charts.
94.I like to get into discussions about issues.
95.I am good at keeping records of my work.
96.I like to lead.
97.I like working outdoors.
98.I would like to work in an office.
99.I am good at math.
100.I like helping people.
101.I like to draw.
102.I like to give speeches.