Divya Bopanna

Divya Bopanna has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mangalore University. With a good knowledge of MS office, she follows a deligent administrative domain. She has been the flag holder to discuss the organization’s philosophy, mission and values, from time to time during retreats, meetings etc to ensure that everyone knows what they’re working towards. She has always followed a two-way open communication eventually breaks down the hurdles present in hierarchical or bureaucratic organizations. According to her, The transparent and open form of communication at Athoz addresses the employee’s need to feel what they have to say has some value. It is what makes employees feel that they belong in the organization. Mrs. Divya believes in amending trust in day-to-day interactions between co-workers, as well as between subordinates and supervisors. She believes that everyone is more united with the organization’s mission in their mind and contains mutual respect among all employees, regardless of their official statuses.

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