Rachna Murlidhar

Rachna Muralidhar works as A Senior Clinical Psychologist at the Mind Research Foundation leading Research, propagation and efficacy of the Third Wave Therapy Model. Having completed a Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology from SARS, Secunderabad she is also a Registered Clinical Psychologist with RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India). She has worked extensively in the areas of child and adolescent psychology, interpersonal dynamics, de-addiction, habit and impulse control disorders, depression and anxiety to pint a few.
At Athoz she works with people going through a wide range of issues that affect their general well-being. Therapy according to her is a process of understanding areas of concern of an individual, rekindling lost hope, reviving activities as a result of the debilitating impact of the issues confronted with and eventually leading to a rejuvenated approach to handle their concerns in a more effective way. She believes that an improved quality of life, is an end product that therapy primarily focuses on. Ms. Rachna has been trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Social skills training. In addition to her training during the masters program and professional diploma in clinical psychology, she has worked in various set ups which include psychiatric hospitals and clinics, special schools and rehabilitation centres.
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In The Mind Research Foundation, she has found a platform in her area of interest of Third wave therapies. She is working towards not only a therapeutic intervention for problems that people face but an approach where people carry enough life tools for a qualitative life. Her vision is to uproot stigma associated with mental health and make this space more approachable from the perspective of the general population. She believes in the positive health paradigm that every person has the potential to help themselves and her role is helping them find this inner strength so that they are able experience life in all its wonder. In her words “her work gives her the opportunity & platform to blend psychological theory and research in therapeutic endeavours that ultimately help her clients to reach a path of self-discovery and personal growth. To quote Gandhi: “A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.” so working from this principle, in this modern world, this is a crucial time to make therapy more convenient and approachable.
Working at Athoz, is an oppurtunity for her to provide quality mental health services for a better India. She believes that the work environment at the centre inspires her to grow and learn in the field of mental health.