Sneha Satheendran

Sneha has completed her Masters in Counselling Psychology from Pune University and has worked with the esteemed organisation, Tata Institute of Social Sciences(TISS). She has handled over five hundred clients with her expertise during her span with TISS. With her duration at TISS, she has intensely gained the experienced of Telephonic and Email Counseling as well. She has worked extensively in the areas of adolescent psychology, interpersonal dynamics, relationship concerns, suicidal ideations, mood disorders, Personality Disorders, Depression, Panic and anxiety. Her approaches to therapies have been Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapies, Eclectic approach, Behaviour Therapies which contain existential and experiential Therapies. She also practises various Cognitive Intervention techniques, Positive Thinking and Cognitive Approaches. Miss Sneha is also trained in Virtual Reality Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy(REBT). She is also well knowledgeable of conducting and evaluating tests, namely – Standard Progressive Matrices(SPM), Children Apperception Test, Draw a Man Test, Neo-ffe(personality Inventory), PGI- Battery for assessment of the Mental Efficiency in Elderly(PGI-AMME), Marital Attitude Scale, Differential Aptitude Tests, The HTP Test, SJOAI, Self-Concept Questionnaire and The Study Habit Inventory.
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Her interest lies in Individual Counseling, Psychotherapy, Marital Concerns, Relationship Concerns, Interpersonal Dynamics and group Therapy. Miss. Sneha has keen interest in Research. Her conducted research area concludes of Suicidal Ideation present among the youth of India, focusing on the adolescents. She is highly passionate about Psychology and its application in everyday lives. In her words, Psychology is a learning paradigm of human behaviour and using it to better the human kind, is a blessing in itself.With Psychology, she aims to inculcate brighter lives each day with her knowledge and expertise.